For those curious about the way business is conducted in the I:D house.

Firstly: I don’t make any claims to objectivity. The only way to review something objectively would be to list the features of a product, and then, er, not comment on it. Not particularly entertaining to read, and not very useful either. I do try to take other perspectives into account when commenting on things, but in the end I’m only one man – there’s only so far I can walk in someone else’s shoes, and so every review is ultimately down to my own viewpoint. I do, however, avoid any improper biases: criticising a game because I disagreed with its design is in. Criticising a game because I don’t like the developer, is out. Similarly, I’m not about to throw my reviews for the sake of money, and if I was to review a game in which I had any interests (e.g. myself, friends or family involved in its making) then I would be sure to declare them.

Secondly, I try to make sure that my reviews are informed by fully familiarising myself with the media being discussed. What this amounts to depends on the media – these days I only really look at games, but for the sake of completeness I include the approach I took when reviewing other products:

Films and Comics are watched/read from beginning to end at least once.

Games are played to completion or, where that isn’t possible, for a minimum of ten hours. Unless it’s absolutely awful or broken to the point of unplayability, but that’s not happened so far. Fortunately.

Music is the foggiest subject; an album will have been listened to many times before any words are written.

Collected works – i.e. the discussion of a series of films/games/comics or of a band as a whole – come only when familiarity with all, or the vast majority of, the collected works is attained.

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