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Review: Of Montreal

With them having been mentioned in last month’s Plan B magazine (something else that you need… maybe I’ll talk about them in a later post. Or maybe I should assume any reader clever enough to be here would already know they need Plan B. Being a non-Brit is no excuse), this might seem a somewhat redundant post. But it most certainly isn’t: if anything, Of Montreal‘s appearance therein makes this all the more relevant.
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Zombina and the Skeletones – Death Valley High – Part 2

Okay, perhaps you need to know a little more.
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Zombina and the Skeletones – Death Valley High

Know that you need it.

That is all.

Review: General Fuzz

Ooh, I’m really spoiling you this week: two doses of goodness in the form of electronic music. But while most of you will have heard of Daft Punk before, you’re less likely to have had the pleasure of this particular man’s music. And it really is a pleasure to listen to, believe you me.

Y’see, General Fuzz just so happens to be somebody who creates music for pure love of the form, and then releases it to the public for free. Gratis. Without charge. No strings. Every album he has released is available download on his website. Complete. They even come with album art to print out, should you so wish.
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Review: Daft Punk

You need them. You might not think so… but you do.
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