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XBL Community Games Roundup 0.51 – the rest of the first 6 months

Apologies for the delay between this and the previous entry – life’s a bit hectic at the I:D household. Still, the show must go on!

This is a follow up to my last entry on the highlights of Microsoft’s Xbox Live community games portal, this time looking at less-essential, but notable titles. Some of these are interesting ideas, which don’t quite live up to their promises. Others are entertaining, but limited. And some simply looked interesting for one reason or another, but turned out not to be worth the bother. Again, there are no mentions here of the week 1 releases, as they saw considerable coverage already; or any of the other, older high-profile titles. (I have included more recent ones, however: hence Halfbrick Echoes and Clover). As I’m not in the habit of kicking puppies, any titles that simply weren’t any good, and haven’t been heavily marketed, I’ve refrained from commenting on.
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XBL Community Games Roundup 0.5 – the best of the first six months

It’s been half a year since Microsoft activated its peer-reviewed, amateur-friendly games portal on Xbox Live, and while there’s been a fair bit of discussion about its success (or lack thereof) in bringing an audience to startup developers, actual coverage of the games has been slight.

It’s understandable, really – the service sees tonnes of new games every week, and the quality:dross ratio isn’t fantastic. Moreover, most of the projects – being generally amateur works – don’t have anyone pushing them to the media, so they don’t get coverage that way. And many of the titles defy judgement – how do you review a ‘game’ whose sole aim is to make a controller vibrate (for a ‘massage’), or a music visualiser?

But still, it can be daunting for a gamer to log into Live, look at the community marketplace and try to decide what’s worth trying. This feature is here to help. In future you can expect a regular look at recent uploads, but for now I:D presents you with a roundup of some of the more notable, but unsung,* titles on offer, starting with two of the best.
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