Income: Disposed is run by fully-qualified nobody Yann Best.


Anyway, I:D is simply my soapbox for telling people wot I fink about random, frivolous objects – like music CDs and computer games. You may notice that my reviews sometimes close with a score, maybe out of ten, or five, or twenty, or a percentage – but never actually a number. There are a variety of reasons behind this: partially, to wind up any rating cataloguing sites that might one day try to archive these reviews (hello, Metacritic!); partially because I have an… odd sense of humour. But mainly because I don’t really like the idea of summing up a review with an arbitrary score, and believe if you will insist on trying to sum up your views on something, you might at least go with a more descriptive format than numbers.

Also of note: I:D actually collects together articles from several of my previous blogs, hence the random leaps in date between articles (clue: anything pre-2009 is pre-I:D). You may note a difference in quality, tone and/or attitude in these earlier articles – it would appear that I’ve changed, and that the style of this site isn’t identical to my older blogs. Funny, that.

The Logo

The beautiful speech-bubble uses Taito’s GunBuster font, and was created using NFG’s wonderful Arcade Font Engine.

You may also note a Space Invader in the logo. He’s from Taito’s Space Invaders, don’tcha know.

Contacting Me

Of course, there’s always the comments threads if you want to respond to particular articles publicly. However, if you’d like to discuss things not relating to a specific article, or want to keep things a bit more private, you can always contact me at:

yprbest AT gmail DOT com

Albeit minus the spaces, and replacing the capitalised words with their respective symbols, of course.


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