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Review: The Adventures of Tintin

My goodness but this game manages to squander the opportunity to make use of HergĂ©’s beautiful artwork. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an awful game. If you want to know whether it’s worth your time, take a look at my review at Gamedot.

Here it is, utterly failing to mimic HergĂ©’s iconic ligne claire style:


Review: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

“It’s not like the old games”, cried the old guard of Ace Combat. “But is that such a bad thing?”, everybody else replied. If you’d like to know whether NAMCO have ruined Ace Combat for everyone, or if the changes infuse the game with a refreshing new taste, you could do a lot worse than checking out the words wot I wrote for Gamedot.

It’s a rather pretty game, incidentally:

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Review: X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny is rather flawed. Which is a shame, because it had incredible potential. You can read my thoughts on it over here.

It looks a lot worse than this screenshot might suggest:

X-Men: Destiny

Impressions: Dawn of Fantasy

Dawn of Fantasy is a game that’s just come out of beta, straight to release. I played it up to and including the final day of said beta, so this is technically not a review – however, it’s unlikely that drastic changes took place in the hours between the beta ending and the official release, so I wouldn’t expect too much improvement between the two points. My impressions are over here, at Gamedot.

The game looks a little something like this:

Dawn of Fantasy


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