Review: From Dust (Xbox Live Arcade)

Oh, before I forget – today isn’t just for further discussions on Blizzard. Today also saw my review of From Dust go up at Gamedot. In it I say things like

The Summer of Arcade continues, this time bringing us From Dust. From Dust is an exciting prospect for those of us with long memories – and no, not because we can remember the dawn of man depicted in the game, you cheeky so-and-so. Rather, this is an exciting prospect because it sees the return of both Eric Chahi, the game designer responsible for classic cinematic platformer Another World; and of the god game, a genre sadly long-dormant.


Certain trees spew flame causing forest fires. Others absorb water, releasing their load when put in contact with heat, or when oversaturated. Sudden downpours of rain cause riverbanks to swell and natural basins to flood. Huge tsunamis, massive volcanic eruptions and tectonic activity bend and warp the land. You may not have any enemies, but you have a lot to fight against.


The joy of the game is the joy of building sandcastles; of seeing environments entirely of your own making spring to life, and watching them face the elements.

I quite liked it. You can find the full review over here.


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