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iPhone Roundup: Tower Defence

It’s no secret that the iPhone (and iPod Touch) play host to a plethora of tower defence titles: simple to make and well-suited to touch controls, the genre is perfectly suited to the device and its indie-friendly distribution service. As such, fans of the genre are left with that most pleasant of problems: too much choice. To help prospective buyers pick the right TD game for them, I’ve rounded up five of the most notable tower defence games on the system: 7 Cities, Dungeon Defense, Fieldrunners, geoDefense and Sentinel. Pricing isn’t taken into account here, for the simple fact that all five games fluctuate wildly in price. The patient gamer will likely be able to pick any of them up for a bargain price.
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Coming Attractions

As stated, I am Back again – unfortunately, due to the extended period of not being Back, or, more specifically, not having internet access, I’ve not had much opportunity to try New and Exciting games, and I’ve not had the time to prepare an Anger Management for this weekend. But just in case you want to know what’s on the horizon, for the next week I’m working on:

  • A roundup of five of the the more notable Tower Defence games on the iPhone, comparing and contrasting their approaches and features. The titles I’m looking at: 7 Cities, Dungeon Defense, Fieldrunners, geoDefense and Sentinel.
  • An essay (been a while, eh), on a topic I’m not about to give away. It’ll be long, analytical, and very dull. And if that hasn’t got you champing at the bit, then nothing will!
  • Another Anger Management rant.

Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

And I’m back! Again.

Well, talk about premature declarations – shortly after my reappearance, I was forced into an unexpected hiatus: I don’t recally if I’d mentioned on the blog before, but I was moving house come the end of July. What I didn’t realise was that a flatmate – the flatmate who owned the router and paid the phone/internet bill – was leaving a fortnight earlier. Leaving the house without internet access for that period. Anyway, the details won’t interest y’all, but that, plus the time I’ve spent adapting to a new house (with considerably less space) have led to this lengthy silence.

No more.

The XBLA roundup may be delayed a bit further, though – no Live access at the moment, though I hope to deal with this sooner rather than later. But otherwise, normal service should resume shortly. And hopefully, in future, at more sensible hours. I’m going to regret this late ni- er, morning – when I get up.


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