Review: Today I Die


Today I Die

This one explains itself, I think.

From the maker of the charming I Wish I Were The Moon, a slighter, equally touching game. A girl, some piranhas, some jellyfish and the ominous poem:

dead world
full of shades
Today I die

What follows is for the player to discover. All interaction is with the mouse. Know that the game has two endings, and the only mechanical challenge in the game (i.e. the only part where you’ll be tested in your ability to wield a cursor) comes right at the very beginning – any other perceived difficulties can be overcome with thought. Stick with it.

It should take two or three minutes to complete. It’s well worth the time, so give it a go already! If you enjoy it, you should: first, give the aforementioned I Wish I Were The Moon a go; and second, visit Ludomancy’s blog and donate a little something towards his next game. If supporting the developer isn’t enough of an incentive, then perhaps his variety of offers will be enough: ranging from a credit in his next game for $27, to him making you a custom variant of I Wish I Were The Moon for $497. And hey, whether you donate or not, you can get downloadable versions of Today I Die, I Wish I Were The Moon and Storyteller from the blog. So give it a look, eh?

Abstract Inspiration out of Water


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