Review: General Fuzz

Ooh, I’m really spoiling you this week: two doses of goodness in the form of electronic music. But while most of you will have heard of Daft Punk before, you’re less likely to have had the pleasure of this particular man’s music. And it really is a pleasure to listen to, believe you me.

Y’see, General Fuzz just so happens to be somebody who creates music for pure love of the form, and then releases it to the public for free. Gratis. Without charge. No strings. Every album he has released is available download on his website. Complete. They even come with album art to print out, should you so wish.

General FuzzYou’d be forgiven for thinking then, that his music can’t be that good: forgiven, but very much mistaken. General Fuzz makes excellent music. Emotive, even thought-provoking. And it’s a rare piece of non-vocal music that can make me think. His music spans a broad scope of downtempo electronic music – as he puts it “It’s not so much dance music as music to zone out to. It’s fairly hard to classify. I’ve tagged it as ‘a lush down-tempo melodic approach to instrumental electronica'”. Now if that sounds dull to you, take heart in the knowledge that once again you are very, very wrong.  

His albums vary considerably in style, with the first (General Fuzz) being the most conciously electronic, and the latest (Messy’s Place) flirting heavily with instrumental music and styles (observe, for example, the unsurprisingly jazzy track “Liquid Jazz“). But this information means nothing: you can’t convey music in type (well, unless it’s being converted into MIDI, but that’s besides the point).

You need to experience music to understand it.

You need General Fuzz.

Get his music here.

Worth Paying For out of Twenty


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