Review: Armadillo Run

What exactly is Armadillo Run? Fun, that’s what!

Armadillo RunA game that requires a basic grasp of physics, Armadillo Runchallenges the player to successfully get the armadillo of the title to the exit point of each stage. However, rather than controlling the armadillo itself, the player is tasked with constructing the route for it to take, through the placement of materials (such as steel girders, rope, rubber and, er, rockets).

This is not a case of simply creating a line from the start of the level to the exit: the armadillo is essentially a ball with no movement capability at all, and so will simply roll according to the forces exerted upon him (such as gravity). Instead, the player must take his materials and routes and contraptions that can move the armadillo, from simple concepts as bridges and slopes, to more complicated designs such as pulley systems and swings.

Things can get challenging as the levels progress; however, the challenge only contributes to the immense sense of achievement you get from completing the harder levels – managing to lift your armadillo using a pulley of your own creation, or thrown into the exit through a deviously designed system of swings; counterweights and trolleys – is an experience you’ll not want to miss.

You can get the game from here, where you’ll find the fully featured demo, and of course the full game (which is priced at a very reasonable £9.99).

If you think your brain could do with a bit of a work out, or you just like the idea of messing around and making things, then you want Armadillo Run.

Actually, scratch that: you need Armadillo RunGet it now.

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